Long Journey Home is an acoustic duet featuring beautiful close harmony singing along with some great instrumental picking. Keith Baumann on mandolin and Chris Walz on guitar combine to form a classic “brother style” duet delivering powerful renditions of traditional songs from country music’s early golden era. Relying on their many years of experience as country music performers, Keith and Chris have been able to achieve a unique level of professionalism with a highly entertaining show packed with catchy up-tempo numbers, beautiful haunting ballads and hard driving instrumental breakdowns.

Drawing their inspiration from the great old-time duets of the 1930’s, and 40’s, Long Journey Home performs a powerful and influential musical style that has become the “blueprint” for all successive bluegrass and country acts to follow. Although only two in number, Keith and Chris take full advantage of their crisp vocal blend and stunning instrumental prowess to create a lush and full sound normally associated with larger ensembles. And thanks to their sparkling stage personalities, you can count on a show that is as entertaining as it is musical.