Ridin' High Bluegrass Band picking at the infamous Red Vest in El Cerrito California.
( L to R) David Stone, Keith, Jim Mintun, Sue Shelaski, Ray Berl
Heartland at the Strawberry Music Fest in Yosemite California.
( L to R) John Blasquez, Robert Bowden, Amy Stenberg, JIm Nunally, Keith.
The Gin Palace Jesters 2000.
(L to R) Dony Briggs, Dave Sisson, Perry Lafine, Keith, Rod Glaze
The Original Uptown Rhythm Club 1998. ( L to R) Laksar Reese, Steve Horne, John Otto Keith, Matt Lewis, Mark Korres, Matt Kern, Chris Clemente
The Uptown Rhythm Club swinging at the fabulous Willowbrook Ballroom circa 1999.
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